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    I understand the thinking about Siavii, but Jay Rat is not the typical NT to start with. Give the rookies a chance. BTW love the analysis. Opinions are fine, but backing up points with hard numbers is hard to argue with. We have to do something to help Ratliff. He is taking way too many snaps. We are shortening his career.

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    That’s all about Yom kippur. Christian doesn’t have this kind of activity we don’t practice fasting though our Muslim brothers have their Ramadan. Thanks for sharing..

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    Sur l’autre rive du Guadiana, au Portugal, se trouve l’Algarve (Al-Gharb, le couchant) qui a conservé l’article, bien qu’étant région. Al-Ghard al andalus : l’ouest de l’Andalousie.Et l’hypothèse Dar al Islam (territoire de l’Islam) comme origine d’Andalousie ? Quant aux Vandales qui auraient laissé des yeux bleus chez les Portugais d’aujourd’hui : foutaises.

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